Saturday, August 6, 2016

Launching my new language school

Hi everyone and welcome again!

I have a good news, guys! With my partner we're launching now a language school of English language. That will be an online language school, that I wanted to create before.

Right now we're adjusting everything on the web, as you can see we're ding it on Blogger as well. Very soon we will present you new teachers and start to give some classes through our web.

Meanwhile I want you to see some pictures of the process:

Monday, July 18, 2016

WriterJob - a new platform for a freelance writer.

Hi everyone and welcome again!

Thanks to the technological progress nowadays people can work and more and more people do it from home. Everybody saw that famous pictures of men with a laptop or tablet working from home or cafe at any time they want. In a professional language these people are called freelancers who don't have a work place, timetable, bosses and their results completely depend on them. To be a good freelancer cost a lot, the same if you want to be the best worker in your profession.

In the internet we can find plenty of webpages where you can work as a freelancer and hire one to complete a job. Majority of freelancers are good at web work such as copywriting, web designers, IT-specialists, etc. One of the most important freelance job is a writer job. We all read something in the web and a well-written text is needed in this case. It's a big success for any webpage which wants to become popular among people. Sometimes I ask one of my friends who works as a freelance writer to help me who to write better my post.

One of the platform I found interesting is A good thing is that the service is very friendly and they answer you quite quickly, that's very important for me especially. I would say that it's nicer if the explanations are shorter, I understand their ideas quite well but sometimes it repeats. A good point is that on the web page you can find some samples (123) of their work related with the writer job. For those who want to start working there they made a good section "Writer Job" with 4 topics that helps you to understand how to apply for work. Also it is not a bad idea to include some references of their clients to make their services more reliable.

All in all, the webpage looks modern, simple and clear but at the same time it looks like it needs something as I mentioned in previous paragraph. But what is the most important is the service you receive on this webpage.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reference from student #8. 9.5 points on English exam

Hi everyone and welcome again!

Here you have a new reference of one of my students who is now n her vacation time but we will continue with our classes in September:

Lucia and Natalia are two school girls who are preparing for FCE this year but before that exam Lucia had the Selectividad (Spanish state exam for all students who want to continue their studies at universities) and thanks to our classes she obtained 9.5 points in English exam! Congratulations, Lucia!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Reference from student #7.

Hi everyone and welcome again!

Here you have a new reference from one of my student, Jose, who has had 1.30 h classes with me for 4 months one time per week. We stopped for a while with classes because right now he is involved in some important projects in his company and works quite hard to finish them. This is a brief story about his experience with me:

Jose needed to improve his business English since he works in an international company and one of the goals was to make his speech fluent and improve writing skills. He was very worry about his writing but after we saw some of his job emails I was pretty impressed by his English, it was a very professional language so I exaplained him that there is nothing to worry about his writing, it's perfect. But we did need to work on his speaking to make him talk as well as he writes. Right now we stopped for a while with classes, because the job in a big international company sometimes requieres a lot of effort and Jose is involved right now in some important projects in his company. Good luck Jose! See you soon!

If you want to see more references from my students you can click HERE

Click on picture to see the text:

Jose's reference

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

English Listening #4 - Prince, Panama Case, Olympic Games 2016

Hi everyone and welcome again!

Today I prepared for you new listening exercises to do. The topics I have chosen are related with current news. The death of the famous Prince, Amercian musician and singer, the news from Brazil about the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic torch and problems that the country has to face and at the end the biggest scandal in Iceland in relation with Panama Papers and Prime Minister's company.

I'm waiting for you answers below, in comments, let's see who is correct! Enjoy it!


1. Who was a Prince?
2. When did he died?
3. What kind of rewards did he get during his career?


1. When will the Olympic torch arrive to Brazil?
2. How many cities will the torch visit in Brazil?
3. What is the problem with Brazilian president?


1. What was the source of information about Iceland Prime Minister’s wife company?
2. What did the Prime Minister ask from the President?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FCE-CAE exercises

Hi everyone and welcome again!
Today I prepared for you some exercises that I use with my students to prepare for First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced exams. Very soon all students are going to do these exams and it's necessary for them to practice a lot. So here you have some exercises to do.
Enjoy it!