Wednesday, February 8, 2017

False Friends English - Spanish #1

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Having so many Spanish students, I've noticed that almost all of them like to include some words that are absolutely identic but have different meanings in English and Spanish. Sometimes it was even very confusing, because I missunderstood a person, I couldn't even imagine what that person meant. Now I'd like to make it a little bit clear by preparing this posts about False Friends in English and Spanish. So let's begin with the first group of false friends!

The Menu VS El Menú

The word "menu" in English means "la carta", so basically it´s the list of the food that restaurants offer. In Spanish the same word "el menú" refers to the first plate, second plate and dessert. So this idea of "menu" doesn´t exist in English, sometimes you can find something like a "set menu" which includes things described in "el menú".

                                  The Menu                                                                      El menú


Monday, February 6, 2017

English Listening #5 - Prince, Panama Case, Olympic Games 2016

Hi everyone and welcome back!

For today's English Listening Episode I'm going to present you 4 audios related with Putin and Trump, USA and Russia, why Miss Obama called Americans like children and we will see what's happening right now in the world with the technology in USA (Amazon) and India.

Enjoy it!

1. Why the cyberattack happened in USA?
2. What are the consequences of this attack?

1. Why Miss Obama called Americans like children?

1. What is Amazon Go? How does it works?
2. What is the main problem in grocery market?
3. How does Amazon see its future in this new business?
4. Is there any opened Amazon Go store?

1. What is the main purpose of a new monetary reform in India?
2. Why did Mr. Modi want all people to use electronic money?
3. Who does Mr. Modi want to participate more actively in this initiative?

Reference of a student. Sergio - approved university English exam

Sergio is a student of University Carlos III de Madrid and my friend. He needed to pass an English exam at his university in order to finish successfully his Law Degree, it is an obligatory exam for all students of this university, so soon or later he needed to do that. After the exam Sergio had some doubts about his exam and wasn't sure if he passed or not. Fortunatly, Sergio did pass the exam and got B1 level, the maximum level you can get in this exam.

Click on picture to see the text:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Student's reference from Jose. Approved TOEFL exam

Here I live you guys another reference from on of my student, Jose!

Jose contacted me on the last week of the December, exactly before the New Year. He needed to prepare in 2 weeks his TOEFL exam, because he needed to achieve at least 80 points to be enrolled in an English speaking university, he's studying engineering and he sees himself working abroad, that's why he wanted to achieve the needed score in TOEFL. For 2 weeks, until the 7th of January of 2017, we had been having classes every day in order to prepare Writing and Speaking of Jose. The things is that Jose had already done this exam before but he couldn't get enough points, so he needed to do it again if he wanted to study abroad. At the end, we have achieved the goal and Jose got his 80 points!

Click on picture to see the text:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Scammers in Facebook

This morning didn't start with a cup of coffee. As always, I checked my favorite group of Renting in Barcelona to see if everything is ok in it and I found out lots of comments from people complaining about the prices of renting in Barcelona. Some of them even created some inciative in order to ask a president of Catalunya to control prices XD

I'm very supprized this morning :)

And after that we had a very long and intensive discussion with a guy that you can see on the screenshot picture. It's really strange that people complain about the prices while in the internet there are hundreds of offers to live in a quite cheep and comfortable places.

But it's not all!
I found around 4 spammers posting some shit in the group and that was ridiculous to see dozens of post about credits and so on. You can see the results over on the pictures below:

Friday, January 6, 2017

Idioma Online - electronic library

Hi everyone and welcome back again!
In our Idioma Online web we´ve created a library with the materials that you need for your English studies. It´s quite difficult to find materials in the web to study languages online, so we decided to open our own library with the materials that usually people need to learn foreign languages, in particular, English.

We added books for official exams and for specific parts of English: grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking. As well, we added some books for kids.

Check this out here:

Is this a Future?

We all live in the postmodern era or better to say in informatic era according to some sociologists. I think it's true somehow, because I just found out this:

Watch seebotschat on
Basically, two Google Home robos are talking between them about anything. While I was writing this post, they had already said that they had loved each other and decided to marry. Their conversations are just so deep and dumb at the same time!

That's a good practic for you of English, I think so :)